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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 KID TRENDS...is your kid a COOL kid?

2011 Kid's Fashion Trends. Top trends for kid's to wear in fashion for 2011. One of the biggest trends we can expect to see this year is more environmental friendly fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton. More and more parents are becoming aware of environmental friendly items and with that they're focusing on more ecofriendly items for their kids. In girl's dress trends we can expect to see many flowly fabrics since the luxury trend is very hot for 2011. In fact you may find that many designers are starting children lines for this very reason. Some of you favorite kid's brands may even carry luxury lines or more luxury items than in previous years.
In boys trends we'll find and array of stripes, graphic tees, bright colors, wools, chunky knits, and plaids being very popular. In girl's trends expect really bouncy and flowy skirts and dresses, sequins, bright colors, leggings and animal prints. For both girl's and boy's fashion 80's looks and vintage styles are making a strong comeback this year. Look below to see some of the latest styles.

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