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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Think you know...BUT DO YOU :)

So who am I outside of E COUITURE... some ask me what inspired me to do what I do NOW... Let me start by saying I've been doing design since I was verrrrrry LITTLE. I started doodling when I was one and I wrote my very own "story/novel" in third grade. I use to write my own poetry when I was only 10. So its safe to say that I have been CREATING since birth nearly :). DESIGN IS MY ESCAPE and always has been. It is my way to escape the world..and helps me express myself... I am a very emotional and passionate person. Not sure what inspired that but its something that has been in me since way back when!

Let me start also by saying that while some people think things have been "handed" to me...let me say this "I HAVE EARNED everything I have through my hard work, determination, and my drive to succeed." When I was 16 people would ask me "what do you want to be" and I ALWAYS SAID "own my own company!" Never any hessitation in that at all...

Without going down a VERY personal road I will say this... I was brought into this world by TWO GREAT PEOPLE... my mom did however leave me when I WAS VERY YOUNG.  My daddy took care of me from day one and he remains my saving grace! I love him to the core of my being. He raised myself and my brother since day ONE and never left us. He gave up so much to raise us and teach us life's wonderful lessons! I could explain morea bout my parents but that is for MY CLOSE family and friends to know. I was raised also by my WONDERFUL grandmother who is truly my angel. She is why I AM WHO I AM TODAY! Her life story would make anyone cry... but she is one STRONG COOKIE...which is where my drive in life came from,


My life has been a challenge since the day I came into this world. Through truly KNOWING what struggle is ..I was DETERMINED to be the BEST person I KNOW HOW TO BE-not what others want or think I need to be like. Seeing what my dad went through for most of his life-has taught me what NOT to do and WHAT TO DO...

Through seeing what he has done with his life and seeing my grandma ...it has given me this 100% workaholic mode that I am now... I truly believe that if your life has NO SET GOALS...WHAT ARE YOU LIVING FOR? I feel that if you want someting you FIGHT FOR IT...you give it ALL you have...for me that has become ECD. It is my BABY! I have given up myself and my life to do what I do and have thrown myself into my work and trying to get ECD off the ground.

When you are brought into this world with every outcome other THAN SUCCESS.... it was my mission in life to PROVE that one can over come the stats. proving against me. I could have easily gone down another path in life...but I WANTED TO SET ANOTHER EXAMPLE...

There are so MANY layers to me... and only a few people know me pretty well. When people tell you YOU CANT DO THAT or YOU CAN REACH THAT GOAL...prove them WRONG, life is what you want it to be. I could have easily said "im a failure, I cant amount to much in life because of where I came from..." BUT THAT IS NOT WHO I AM. I graduated from high school, got 2 1/2 degrees in college, taught myself every design program etc. SO WHO SAY'S YOU CANT ...

Since the day I was born GOD threw me test after test. Some I failed, but many I passed! Determinaton determines SUCCESS. One can have a goal but if you have NO determination or DRIVE you will not get through the tests of life. Some people seam down about their life and when I tell them to STOP and truly look at their life...it really isnt that bad. JUST REMEMBER ONE THING:


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