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Sunday, January 30, 2011


So who are ALL of these online MODELING SERVICE boutiques? I find lately that there is one popping up on a daily basis. The funny and strange thing is...they want you to send them money! Sometimes its a monthly fee, and other times its a daily/weekly fee to post your childs photo.

While I find some of these services truly are legit and do help out boutiques in finding online models...I find that others are a PURE RIP OFF... Save yourself the $ and time... do some research on these boutique modeling service companies... ask them for reviews and ask them for a media kit. Do some RESEARCH before you watch your pocket book dwindle down to $0 and your child is left heartbroken. Modeling can be very tough for a little one. If your child is not old enough to stand or walk...your selection will be slim...unless the boutique is looking for infants. Often times models in the age range of 2+ will be chosen.

Often times you can save money by contacting the boutique owner yourself. Have a comp card ready to go to send them. If they are looking for models they will let you know. Join services that are 100% legit.Also...keep in mind its actually a turn off to an owner if you work with 100+ boutiques modeling for them. Its a competition thing.. :) also it can turn some people away and leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Another thing I have been noticing are boutiques who sell you the idea of "YOUR KID WILL BE A MODEL" in such and such magazine, but want to charge you an arm and a leg to send in a photo-JUST TO BE CONSIDERED. This too is a scam. Any boutique who sells their products on the soul face of riding the coat tails of "modeling" is not truly a legit business. Products should be sold or modeled because they truly are great products. NOT because they are selling you on the dream of your child modeling for a magazine or your going to GO PLACES.

Also important...if a modeling site tells you -you can model for such and such MAGAZINE...actually research that magazine. Are they legit? ARE THEY PUBLISHED? Or are they just magazines that are online and are ONLY distributed to their "clients" not actually anyone else outside of that comapny or clients. To be a MODEL...look into offline modeling agencies. They will NOT ask you to pay them money to list your child. THEY WILL BE 100% honest and tell you if they really think your child has what it takes!

HAPPY HUNTING and goodluck in your modeling aspirations. Just remember its a hard world out there.

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