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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Want your face on the cover of a magazine?

Are you a CAMERA HOG...always looking for a reason to strike a pose? Think you need flawless looks and a perfect body to be a model? Think again! The single most important asset a professional model needs may be easily acquired: the art of the pose. Knowing how to position yourself in front of a camera.... that's what the art of the pose is all about. Most photographers will help you with some coaching and conversation on the set, however, you as the MODEL need to bring something to the set. Dont look for someone to lead you by the hand on what to do... you as the model should bring your own flair and style to each shoot. Often times the designer will tell you beforehand on what type of photos they are looking for. As  the model it is your job to take what the designer has said and truly think about what you are going to bring to the products provided.

So how do you develop this signature POSE or Look? Look for examples and learn from the best! Study.... study the poses of the greatest supermodels... do tons of RESEARCH. Browse the internet for supermodel phtoos. Study some of their poses, but keep in mind NOT every pose will look best on you. You will need to study your best assets, and learn what profiles work best on you. Not every model looks great doing a head on photo... some do not look great at a side angle shot.

Create a POSE BOOK and choose shots that really draw your eye. Look for angles, attitude, and motion. Try to gather at least 10-15 examples to start, focusing on variety. Remember to use every part of your body. The eyes are the window to the soul...the more you use your eyes, the more you will engage the reader in print media.

When studying and researching poses be sure to look at various media types *advertising, editorial, even paparazzi, yes even those photos are sometimes "intended"*. Select poses to play up your personal strengths. Are you athletic? Smoldering? Double-jointed? Use it-just know that the one adjective you never want attached to your posing is "stiff".  Don't worry if you don't have an extensive range of poses at first: this will be an area you may constantly expand and experiment with, once you've discovered a flow.

When on a shoot be OPEN and FLEXIABLE to the styles they are looking for. Do you research before getting to the shoot. Know the stylist, know the designer and their overall style. If you know they are looking for funky, BRING YOUR FUNK...if they are looking for young and fun, BRING YOUR subtle attitude.

*Money-saving tip: DO NOT PAY to join a modeling agency. If they want you THEY WILL tell you without asking for $$$$.

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